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World: Can the US please just use the metric system, instead of making up weird measurements no one else understands


In his book, Color in Sketching and Rendering, Arthur Guptill says this study of a white porcelain cup lit by direct light "presents an ideal transitional subject, as it combines curved and flat surfaces."

I trained a model on my pen and watercolor sketches of San Francisco, and the results are actually pretty good

Gouache sketch on page primed with blue acryla-gouache. Most of the afternoon colors are warm gray over that. Inevitably the blue pops through here and there, activating the warm colors.
Video on Instagram:
#gouachepainting #gouachesketching #pleinair

Feeling very let down by Ruby's date parsing library right now.

This meme has been rattling around in my head for at least a year and I only just now finally bothered to write it down

(click to expand, it has the full 5 panels)

Just finished Grokking Algorithms by @adit. Excellent introduction to the topic with really easy to follow illustrations. If you’re a developer who has felt intimidated by the more algorithmic side of the craft (*cough*), this book will go a long way to demistifying the topic. 10/10. #CompSci #Algorithms

Who do I know in educational game design? Could use a few connections, my wife is looking for a role.

Ex teacher, masters in psych and bio, has some development experience, and is looking for a first role after graduating a curriculum development and game design specialist.

Boosts / shares are appreciated.

Venice Beach, plein-air oil, 9x 12 inches.

I had fun with this one putting most of the detail way up in the upper right, and letting the rest be open spaces.

HEY this is a new platform so I guess I can just... repost old art for any people who haven't seen it before! Or you've seen it before but don't care about seeing it again because you are ✨nice✨

Here are all four screen printed posters I've done for the Fifty-Nine Parks series, available here:

Wife and I have been training a neural network for five years, and he can finally play with Legos

Studies of fellow artists at work are painted in two 20 minute sessions each, and they're in oil, 8x10 and 9x12 inches.
More at my Instagram page (@jamesgurneyart)

after years of being on a Linode box, I have moved all my static sites to Vercel. Great developer experience

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