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Studies of fellow artists at work are painted in two 20 minute sessions each, and they're in oil, 8x10 and 9x12 inches.
More at my Instagram page (@jamesgurneyart)

after years of being on a Linode box, I have moved all my static sites to Vercel. Great developer experience

Thanks to climate change, every winter in Minnesota, we have record-breaking weather. "Record-breaking" loses its meaning if it happens every year, though. Makes me think we should stop saying "record-breaking" unless it broke the record by a huge margin, i.e. record-breaking record breaking weather.

The expression "soft skills" always grates on me. It's a common idiom and I probably need to get over it. But I hate the framing that we have this completely distinct bucket of "add-on" skills that we consider separately. Working with other people might have been optional once (maybe?), but it's a fundamental part of software engineering in 2023.

It's like if you said "they're a great programmer but need to learn how to write testable code"... no, that skill is part of good programming now!

In the last six months or so, I’ve gotten into a new hobby: stained glass! It’s infuriating and delightful in equal measure.

I’m not particularly good at it, but so far that hasn’t deterred me from making really intense designs! Here’s my most recent which will be a surprise gift for someone who owns a Thing (the old VW).

I’m especially proud of all of the mirrors, and the fire extinguisher :D

tbh i think keeping fahrenheit was one of the only sensible things the US has ever done. it's like what percent warm is it where zero percent equals Really Fucking Cold and one hundred percent equals Really Fucking Hot and if someone's like "it's 70% warm" then you just immediately know that it's on the warm side but not all the way to Really Fucking Hot. meanwhile if it reaches 100% warm in celsius your skin melts off

retirement calculator I've been working on:

- lets you replay historical S&P data to calculate returns
- lets you use a range instead of a single value for a field
- calculates effective tax rate for you
- works well on mobile

What news publications have you seen set up shop on Mastodon?

I've come across the following that are active & appear to be legit:

- LA Times @losangelestimes
- NBC News @nbcnews
- ProPublica @ProPublica
- VOA @VOANews
- The Intercept @theintercept
- The Conversation @TheConversationUS
- Meduza @meduza_en
- Global Voices @globalvoices
- Grist @grist
- Die Tageszeitung (in German) @tazgetroete
- Le Monde diplomatique (in French) @mdiplo

(ping me if you know more!)

#media #news #journalism

Recent I'm working on: using computer vision to make a fishing game for my son, where he can move a net and catch fish. Right now I have a bunch of dots on the screen that I can erase by moving a piece of paper around.

🖥️🧑‍🤝‍🧑 After a delightful sabbatical, I'm slowly starting to look for jobs. Do you like where are you at work? If so I'd love to hear from you! I'm looking for work that is fun and impactful, working with a good team. I'm guessing most places aren't hiring till after the holidays at this point, so I'm just looking to chat and hear about interesting roles 😃

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