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I just realized that most American users probably call it MATHstodon while most British (and everyone else in the world?) probably call it MATHStodon.

At least in this context, we can both be right.

#math #MATHstodon #DividedByACommonLanguage

A frame from an old unfinished short #comic I started lots of years ago. #Marker and #watercolor on paper.

that's me in the corner
that's me in the ice box
choosing plum nutrition

📣 It's time to boost your games & stuff!

Please make toots for your projects: include a direct link, some image/video, and mention @itchio so we can find your posts to boost!

I'm here. It's me. Magic!

The (green-ticked) Neil Gaiman

The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

MN politics 

Democrats took control of the Minnesota legislature! I am married to a climate change worker. She constantly hears "the state senate won't let us do that" at her job, so I am very excited for this. I hope Minnesota makes progress towards climate change in the next couple of years!

To add to the above:

Since there is no #algorithm it is really important that you #boost interesting posts by others.

A star (liking) does nothing to help increase a post's visibility beyond the original author's followers.

I know it is strange coming from 🐦, but it really is the only way to increase a post's audience.

So #BoostAllTheThings (if you like them) and you will notice others will do the same to your content. Here we're all in it together!

#BeTheAlgorithm #BoostsWelcome #FediTips

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Anyone here into British panel shows? Here is one of my favorite clips

I'm an engineer living in Minnesota. I wrote Grokking Algorithms, an illustrated book on algorithms.

I like to paint watercolors too, such as this one.

I'm also an avid reader and tea lover. Open to DMs if you'd like to talk about any of these topics!

Day 2 of Mastodon, it reminds me of being online in 2003. Just people talking about their hobbies and showing art.

Hey new people and those thinking of joining, you do NOT need to sign up on huge servers!

You can follow and interact with people on any server from any server, the servers are connected.

It would really, really help the network right now if you could sign up on medium or small size servers. You will still be able to follow and interact with whoever you want, and the network as a whole will work much better.

A good safe place for beginners to find servers to join is

My drawing for
's "In The Streets of Morocco"

You can check the all the street zines, for free, here:

Another quick PSA for the newcomers:

There is no Mastodon.

As in, there is no entity out there called Mastodon that needs to "get it together" or "make things easier."

Every server is a unique collection of hardware and software operated by a unique team of (usually) volunteer humans funded by (usually) donations.

Some days will be smoother than others. We new folks have flooded the network. Cut the volunteers some slack. Better yet, offer support.

I've seen a few people ask what happens if the instance you are on closes down.

Tradition on Mastodon is that all the people on that instance are buried alive with the admin in a giant pyramid made of old phones and laptops. 😵

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