I trained a model on my pen and watercolor sketches of San Francisco, and the results are actually pretty good

Recent I'm working on: using computer vision to make a fishing game for my son, where he can move a net and catch fish. Right now I have a bunch of dots on the screen that I can erase by moving a piece of paper around.

New blog post: the Monty Hall problem in pictures adit.io/posts/2022-11-27-the-m I read the solution for Monty Hall years ago and understood it, but this is the first explanation that has really clicked for me. I think this is a really fun post that shows how counterintuitive probability can be!

I'm an engineer living in Minnesota. I wrote Grokking Algorithms, an illustrated book on algorithms.

I like to paint watercolors too, such as this one.

I'm also an avid reader and tea lover. Open to DMs if you'd like to talk about any of these topics!


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