Do you have friends and family who don't understand simple things about computers? Talking to people about Mastodon, no one seems to understand how email works. I am thinking of doing a short comic on Instagram about this. What other "general knowledge of computers" topics should I do a comic about?

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@adit I'd thought about doing something similar for Mastodon and tying it to a neighborhoods metaphor.

@baweaver like your toot about figuring out what neighborhood to live in?

@adit Yep yep. I may illustrate it later and share it around.

@adit By and large people don't know how computers work. At all. Computers might as well be magic, and chaotic magic at that.

@royal unfortunately, it's true! And that makes it really hard to get people to care about Mastodon.

@adit If I were to explain Mastodon, I'd talk about the community, with instances being neighborhoods you decide to live in. Different neighborhoods will have different vibes, and different rules, but you're still part of the bigger community.

@adit I think the email metaphor for mastodon is actually a really bad one, as it completely misses the "boost" network effects which seems like the best way to get exposed to a larger network.

@tedivm that's a good point, is there a better metaphor you would suggest? Either way I think I would do a comic on how email works, it's surprising that nobody knows!

@adit oh you should definitely do the email comic, I was kind of being tangential. I'm still trying to find a good metaphor for this but have pretty much failed

@adit What's the difference between an incognito window and a regular browsing window? (And what's the same?)

@adit How the modern internet works, specifically in regards to the cloud. During the 2020 election, one person’s “proof” of malfeasance revolved around the fact that Dominion’s website had the same server address as a company with ties to China. I found myself explaining the modern internet to a number of boomer relatives, using the analogy of a hotel in terms of AWS, and a Guard Checkpoint in terms of Cloudflare.

@alex good idea, I think most people don't know what the cloud is, or a CDN, or how a computer connects to the web

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