hey fun fact! don't put yubikey nanos in your mouth! i just killed a yubikey doing that

New Chisel feature lets you compare different versions of your text nicely youtu.be/mFHHbjSfnio

Lots of new features in Chisel in the last 2 weeks: github.com/egonSchiele/chisel/ I am starting a new job soon, so I'll be slowing down on this project. It has been fun to work on, and I plan to continue to use it for myself. Check it out!

It's amazing how fast you can move with tests in place

New Chisel feature -- folds. I'm excited for this one. I write long form content, and it's helpful to be able to hide parts of the text when I'm not working on them.

I am pleased with the progress on the editor. Over the last two weeks, I've added: writing feedback, a quick launch feature, and better design: youtube.com/watch?v=aolGIke7CE

Working on the UI for my new editor and it looks a lot better

I've been working on a writing app for myself. It's very much a work in progress, but here's a preview: youtu.be/RAu7k8PwusE

Code on Github:

I will never remember that `COPY . ./` and `COPY * ./` are different things in a Dockerfile.

OH trying to manage around the fact that people don't read, and are not persuaded by data

My five year old son told me, with a lot of attitude, "Minneapolis *is* in Saint Paul, dude!"

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